Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Gabriel's Entry

Hello friends. Thanks to the sponsorship of Blue Coal, I'm here to introduce myself. My name is Luis-Gabriel Leal. I go by Gabriel, Gabe or Lou.

My exposure to the wonderful genre of pulp heroes and cliffhanger movie serials was back in 1985 when I was but a wee lad in St. Michael's School for Boys. I was flipping through the channels on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I happen to come across Flash Gordon. I was enthralled by the elaborate sets, the amazing costumes and the wonderful production value.

To me this was far better than the Star Wars and Star Trek movies. As time progressed, I began to collect DC Comics which is a great company that respects the pulp-esque roots of many of their heroes.

Flash forward 23 years and here I am collaborating with my new friend Don Gates on what I hope to be a blossoming pulp project for our respective projects.

I am an embittered, ex-graphic designer. This former Generation X'er barely survived the dot.com bust of the late 90s with the shirt on his back and a head full of photoshop ideas.

Now, I am an amateur comic writer who's been blessed to be hooked up with a professional comic artist. My comic, the Red Phantom can be seen at ComicSpace. You can also view my journal as I write about my research for future Red Phantom stories.

As to what I've planned here... Well, I don't know yet. Keep checking back!

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