Monday, May 21, 2007

This is Doctor Lightning broadcasting on the frequency between 45.57 and 67.83 megacycles....

Greetings America, this is Doctor Lightning founder of the Pulp Collective.

Broadcasting from a secret location way above the Rocky Mountains in my armored zepplin the Flying Reaper, I wish to thank the 2 newest members of the Pulp Collective for their respective entries. I am positive their articles on pulp, neo-pulp/noir will prove to be not only informative but accessible to many people.

Over the months to come, members of the Pulp Collective will have discussions, reviews of movies, comics and video games thereby informing you of the very best in historical fiction.

From emails exchanged with Gabriel, he will put up a review of the video game "Heroes of the Pacific" which has been compared to "Secret Weapons over Normandy" but HOTP has been shown to be the better game.

So until the next time dear friends, this is Doctor Lightning telling you to use rich, chocolaty Ovaltine for those important nutrients and to heat your homes with Blue Coal.

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