Friday, May 25, 2007


Attention America, this is Doctor Lightning broadcasting deep within the Ural Mountains in easter Europe. There is no place my airship, the Flying Reaper, can go. I am unfettered by the laws of air, sea or land.

Many thanks to Don and Professor Dare for their reviews. Very informative. I told my bodyguard, Mr. Bones, to get me copies of the film and book. I shall enjoy them this weekend when I take a break from planning my assault on the former Soviet empire. Bloody Cossack savages...

Come with me to the days of yesteryear in the mid 60s to late 70s as I discuss the theme of the "grindhouse" theater. Thanks to Quentin, Taratino, the art of neo-pulp/noir cinema is getting recognition. I point you to this site. The Grindhouse Film Festival has brought back these fine movies to unleash onthese mindless, clueless hipsters and deliver a swift smack to the faces of film elitists.

For more information, I direct your feeble minds to this article on Wikipedia about cinematic exploitation. The violence, the lust, the monsters, the mobsters, the heroes... everything in exploitation films and beyond owes their existence to the wonderful world of pulp.

Modern films which can be considered to be "grindhouse" worthy are Kill Bill Vol's 1 & 2, Big Trouble in Little China, The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Johnny Was (a superb British gangster movie about former IRA members and Yardies in Ireland) and Gangster No. 1 with my friend Malcolm McDowell.

Rent these movies and be enlightened.

This is Doctor Lightning signing off...

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